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Course Highlights

  • Utilize Machines

    Improve your knowledge of Maltego Machines by learning how to build your own. Your custom Machines can speed up your workflows and cut down on the time you spend performing similar investigations.

  • Customize Maltego

    Learn how to customize your Maltego Client to better perform the kinds of investigations that you tackle regularly. Custom Entities will help you make more sense of your graphs and share information more easily.

  • Work Collaboratively

    Maltego can improve your personal investigations, but it can also allow you to work more closely with your team members to tackle big projects and cases together.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction and Instructions

    1. Review of Maltego Machines

    2. Maltego Machines - Advanced

    3. Higher Level Infrastructure Footprint

    4. Knowledge Check

    5. Maltego BuiltWith Transforms

    6. Dorking with Maltego

    7. Knowledge Check

    1. Introduction to Maltego Standard Entities

    2. Custom Entities

    3. Knowledge Check

    4. Collaboration

    5. Knowledge Check

    6. Use Case - Wikipedia Edits

    1. Final Knowledge Check

    1. Maltego Advanced Feedback

About this course

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  • Advanced
  • 3 Hours