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Course Highlights

  • Gain Knowledge

    Advanced your Maltego knowledge by gaining an understanding of the basic concepts of OSINT investigations and features of Maltego.

  • Navigate Maltego

    Learn how to navigate the Maltego user interface like a pro! From selecting Entities to creating Links, you will know how to person the most essential functions in the Maltego Client.

  • Understand Data

    Maltego excels are gathering data from open-source and commercial data partners, as well as integrating your own data. Learn more about how Maltego can access and analyze data all in one place!

Course Information

    1. Introduction and Instructions

    1. Getting Started

    2. Knowledge Check - Getting Started

    3. Link Analysis, OSINT, and Maltego

    4. Knowledge Check - Link Analysis, OSINT, and Maltego

    1. Maltego User Interface

    2. Knowledge Check - Maltego User Interface

    3. Navigation and Selection

    4. Knowledge Check - Navigation and Selection

    5. Layouts and Views

    6. Knowledge Check - Layouts and Views

    7. Data in Maltego

    8. Knowledge Check - Data in Maltego

    9. Maltego in Action

    10. Knowledge Check - Maltego in Action

    1. Supplemental Materials

    1. Final Knowledge Check

    1. Maltego Foundations 1 Feedback

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