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Course Highlights

  • Gain Knowledge

    Advanced your Maltego knowledge by learning more advanced features of the Maltego Client, like Collection Nodes and Machines. At the end of the course, you can see Maltego tackle a real-world investigation.

  • Import/Export Data

    Maltego excels at finding connections between different data points. Learn how to import your own data and expand those connections using Transforms. You will also learn how to export graphs and reports to share your findings.

  • Understand Infrastructure

    Network infrastructure is a key component of many Maltego investigations. Learn the basics of domains, IP addresses, and netblocks, as well as how to use them in your investigations.

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction and Instructions

    1. Notes, Bookmarks, and Attachments

    2. Knowledge Check - Notes, Bookmarks, and Attachments

    3. Collection Nodes

    4. Knowledge Check - Collection Nodes

    5. Importing and Exporting

    6. Knowledge Check - Importing and Exporting

    7. Entity and Transform Manager

    8. Knowledge Check - Entity and Transform Manager

    9. Infrastructure

    10. Knowledge Check - Infrastructure

    1. Introduction to Maltego Machines

    2. Knowledge Check - Introduction to Maltego Machines

    3. Maltego in Action

    4. Knowledge Check - Maltego in Action

    1. Supplemental Materials

    1. Final Knowledge Check

    1. Maltego Foundations 2 Feedback

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 18 lessons
  • Beginner
  • 2 Hours